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Rules and Regulations of the Clan

Yes, this is a game and yes it is for fun!  In order to keep it fun for all involved we do need to lay down some rules to follow.  They are pretty basic rules and simple to follow, just keep what your Mom always told you in the back of your mind "treat others as you'd like to be treated".  We want to keep the game play as friendly as possible and keep our reputaion as a class act, no one wants to play with a bunch of trolls who constantly pick fights on the internet.  It really is funny how big and tough a 14 year old is when hidden behind a X-Box mic!  Click below and you'll be taken to the list of rules.  This is a community based rule set so it may change over time.

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Forums and Recruiting

If you're looking for a fun and active Call of Duty clan then you've found them!  We don't consider ourselves an elite group but we are picky on who we let in!  If you are intersted in joining, check out the rules to the left and then head over to our forum here to see how to apply.  As a newly registed aplicant you will be granted limited access to the forums at first, once approve you will have full access.

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